Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Pleasant View, TN Could Be Your Next Floor Covering


Have you already spent a great deal of time looking over large amounts of floor coverings? If so, it might be time to stop and take a closer look at two very popular luxury vinyl flooring types known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP). They have come to be synonymous with durability, water resistance, elegance, and so much more. In fact, there is probably a product here that will not only meet all your current needs, but will fit your budget as well as your décor. Keep reading to find out why you might want to check it out.

If you’re searching for luxury vinyl floors near me or LVT or LVP near me, Guthrie Flooring has you covered. Guthrie Flooring has a history of connecting discerning homeowners with the perfect floor coverings for their home. It could even be said that we treat your floors with the same care and concern that we would treat our own floors. In addition to providing excellent products and name brands, we also offer services to go right along with it. We serve the Pleasant View, Clarksville, Nashville, Springfield, and Ashland City, TN areas from our showroom locations  in Springfield, TN and Pleasant View, TN. We invite you to stop by there to see for yourself how we can be of service to you too.


What LVT and LVP Flooring Has To Offer You

When it comes to looks, LVT and LVP flooring in Pleasant View, TN can offer you the classic look of all natural tile or natural wood. You’ll even find that the texture is so much like that of the real thing, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. This is all thanks to the 3D printing process, that creates an image layer you’ll have to feel to believe. But we know looks aren’t everything. Most homeowners want to know about durability and lifespan, right up front, and we understand that. We can assure you that luxury vinyl tile has an excellent durability rating, thanks to the way the product is put together. A backing layer provides the foundation for the core, which holds the design layer. All of this is topped off with a protective wear layer that comes in various thicknesses. Of course, the thicker the wear layer, the better your floor’s protection will be, so keep that in mind when making your choice. Installation and cleaning requirements are simple. Your installers will be in and out of your home in no time, leaving you with a floor that not only looks great but will offer a great amount of peace of mind. When it comes time to clean up those spills or messes, a simple broom and mop are just about all you’ll need to get the job done. In just a matter of minutes, you can bring your floors back to a like-new look, all over again.

Experience the Beauty of Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Pleasant View, TN

Luxury vinyl flooring offers the perfect blend of elegance, durability, and versatility for your home. With its wide range of styles, designs, and textures, LVT and LVP flooring allows you to create stunning spaces that reflect your unique taste and personality. Whether you desire the timeless appeal of hardwood or the sophistication of stone, luxury vinyl flooring provides a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution that doesn't compromise on aesthetics or performance.

When you’re ready to start the search for: luxury vinyl flooring near me and elevate the beauty of your home, look no further than Guthrie Flooring in Pleasant View, TN, and Springfield, TN. Our exceptional collection of luxury vinyl flooring will inspire you to reimagine your living spaces. Visit our showrooms and schedule a design consultation to explore the endless possibilities of luxury vinyl.


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