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Cover your floors with the elegance of laminate

Did you know that laminate flooring was the first hard surface wood-look flooring product available in the United States? It did such a great job of recreating the look and feel of real hardwood, that it soon became synonymous with that type of elegance and quality. At the same time, it’s easy on the budget, simple to install and holds a plethora of added benefits that homeowners still love and look for to this very day.

Guthrie Flooring knows how important your floors are to you. Because of that, they are also just that important to us as well. We want to get to know you and your flooring needs so that we can carefully and painstakingly make sure we meet each and every one. We invite you to stop in for a visit at our Pleasant View, TN showroom, where one of our flooring specialists will be able to get your flooring process started. From there, we service the areas of Pleasant View, Clarksville, Nashville, Springfield, and Ashland City, and we look very forward to serving you as well.
Wood look laminate floors in Pleasant View TN from Guthrie Flooring

Laminate makes a great flooring choice

So you’re looking for that wood look for your floors, but your budget isn’t exactly at that level? Maybe you love the elegance of real wood floors but lead a lifestyle so busy that maintenance would be a chore. Well, in either of those cases, as well as others, we have good news! Laminate could be just the material you’ve been looking for all this time.

With this floor covering, you’ll get the elegance you’ve been longing for, with many added benefits as well. For instance, while this material falls under the hard flooring category, it can be made to feel much softer underfoot simply by having the right underpadding installed. This also helps to alleviate some of the clicking sounds you might hear when walking across this flooring. Some homeowners find that to be a bit distasteful, as everyone has their own opinion, but we can work with that.

Durability is always one of the topics that comes up in conversations with homeowners. Rest assured that laminate is very durable, and even carries a warranty in most cases, to back that statement up. Make sure you find out all the details from your flooring professional, however. Some warranties are voided if the homeowner attempts a do it yourself installation of the materials.

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