Hardwood flooring in Pleasant View, TN may be just what you need

Hardwood flooring continues to be one of the most sought-after floor coverings in the residential market today and for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you are looking for that extensive lifespan that comes with wood floors, or the timeless elegance you simply can’t miss, this material will certainly fill your needs. But there are even more reasons to choose this material when you’re ready to re-floor your home. At Guthrie Flooring, more than thirty years in the business has taught us a thing or two. We have learned to pay close attention to our customers when they tell us exactly what they need. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and we hope you will see that during your first visit to our Pleasant View, TN and Springfield, TN showroom. From there, we service the areas of Pleasant View, Clarksville, Nashville, Springfield, and Ashland City, TN. We hope to soon be of service to you as well.

Hardwood basics and benefits

Hardwood flooring is well known for the impressive lifespan it carries with it. This is due in part to the fact that wood is an excellent flooring material that stands up well under all that your family has to dish out. Additionally, refinishing can add decades of life to your flooring. When others are looking at the wear and tear their flooring has, and are considering replacing that flooring, a homeowner who has solid wood floors will only be considering their first refinishing project. Once that’s carried out, your floors will look brand new, all over again. What’s more, they’ll stay that way for decades more. It’s important to honestly assess the level of traffic through your home, as the wood species you choose should be able to tolerate it well. For instance, if you’ve found a soft wood that you fell in love with, but have high traffic levels in your home, the lifespan of that flooring will be cut drastically short. On the other hand, you’ll also be able to choose stain colors and finish types, which will then be covered by a protective top coat. Each of these can be customized in several different ways, so be sure to speak with your flooring professional about your preferences. While you’re at it, ask them about professional installation, which is highly recommended for this particular floor covering. We hope to serve you soon.

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