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Whether your new floors will be carpet, hardwood, tile or other materials, proper flooring installation requires a significant amount of expertise to look its best and last for many years. This is why flooring product manufacturers and dealers usually recommend professional installers as opposed to amateurs and do-it-yourselfers. As a matter of fact, many manufacturers will not honor their warranties unless their products have been professionally installed. In addition, even the best flooring materials that have been put in place by inexperienced workers can end up costing you more money and time to correct mistakes.

Why professional flooring installation is important

The problems resulting from flooring installation by inexperienced installers vary with the type of flooring material being used. The one thing they all have in common is that these problems can be completely avoided by having new floor installation performed by professionals that have prior experience and full familiarity with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Here are just two examples:

Carpet problems
  • If proper moisture control techniques are not employed during installation, dampness underneath the new carpeting can lead to the development of mold and mildew that is both unhealthy for your family and destructive to the carpet.
  • Carpet must be properly stretched to fit the flooring area and should not be either too loose or too tight. Carpet that isn’t tight enough can result in unsightly raised areas (lumps) that are also tripping hazards. These ‘loose spots’ are also likely to weaken the carpet fibers in those areas and may end up causing rips or tears that you just don’t need.

Hardwood problems
There are many possible defects that can result from the improper installation of hardwood flooring. Hardwood must be correctly installed so the flooring fits the area exactly.

  • There must be enough space left between the hardwood flooring and the walls so that the hardwood can expand slightly. If the installation doesn’t consider this, the wood can ‘buckle up’ from the edges because there’s no place else for it to go but up.
  • If the opposite is true and too much space is left between the hardwood and the walls, the hardwood may separate and produce ‘gaps’ in the flooring that result in loose areas.
  • Prior to being installed, the hardwood is generally left in the area where it will be installed so that the wood becomes acclimated to the moisture (humidity) in that room. If this is not done, the hardwood can warp and thereby negatively affect the floors appearance and the overall installation quality.
  • Hardwood boards must be correctly affixed to the floor so that they won’t become loose over time due to foot traffic, moving furniture, etc.

The above are just two examples of the things that can occur due to improper flooring installation. Other products such as ceramic & porcelain tiles, laminates and vinyl have still other potential problems if the installation is performed by inexperienced workers.



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