Light or dark hardwood flooring? How to choose!

Light or dark hardwood flooring? How to choose!

Choosing the perfect wood flooring color shouldn't be a challenging task. But the vast options available to you can sometimes seem overwhelming.

The good news is that choosing the best hue is easier than you think. And here are some facts that will help make your shopping experience easier.

Dark colors are a classic experience

Rich, dark colors are not only a stunning visual that matches a wealth of decor. They also offer longer-lasting colors that play into the material's long lifespan.

Contrary to some opinions, dark-colored woods are not out of style. Instead, they offer engineered and solid hardwood flooring visuals that cater to any trend or style.

Light colors hide dirt and more

A light hardwood color hides dirt, debris, pet dander, and much more. That makes cleaning much more manageable, even with pets and children in the home.

It also makes your space look bigger, especially with natural light. This is a look that's not only trending but also looks to remain on trend for years to come.

Designs and high-variation visuals

There are lots of bold options that are trending right now. For example, wood flooring incorporates both light and dark features and can match a wealth of materials.

If you think these visuals might fit your need, let us know. You'll find a wide range of looks to fit any need.

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