How to choose a hardwood flooring color

How to choose a hardwood flooring color

Today, light and dark hardwood are trendy, but traditional medium shades never go out of style. Gray is 'in,' and greige, or gray plus beige, is the 'hottest' hue. Darker is better for many homeowners, so black is the' in' flooring color on the other end of the color spectrum. You can find a large selection of high-quality hardwood flooring in a wide range of colors at Guthrie Flooring in Pleasant View, Tennessee. We offer flooring by Bruce, Mohawk, and more.


Oak is the most commonly chosen hardwood flooring. Red oak, which has an evident grain and pink tinges, is lighter than white oak, characterized by a golden tint. Hickory is another strong and durable wood that shows off many contrasting colors. Maple and ash are two more light-colored hardwoods that provide a contemporary look as lighter shades expand a space and natural accent lighting. Light wood colors are perfect for sunrooms or rooms with large windows.

Dark wood

Light wood indeed reflects light, and dark wood absorbs it. So while light wood hides dirt and scuffs better, darker colors are longer-lasting. In other words, dark wood retains its dark sheen, and it's not prone to sun damage. Walnut, mahogany, and cherry are popular wood species. Darker woods highlight the richness of the grain pattern. The look is high-end, and the contrast with very light-colored or white furniture, appliances, or accessories is pleasing.

In addition to residential and commercial flooring installation, Guthrie Flooring specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and carries both engineered and solid hardwood flooring. We provide design services, too. Clarksville, Nashville, Springfield, and Ashland City are located in our service area. You can begin your wood flooring upgrade with a free estimate. We invite you to visit our hardwood flooring company in Pleasant View. Our flooring specialists are happy to guide you through your home improvement project.