Does hardwood flooring come in a gray color?

Does hardwood flooring come in a gray color?

Yes, and gray wood flooring is one of the most popular colors. It works in decors from farmhouse rustic to industrial chic and urban modern.

Why gray is still going strong

Today, there's a trend toward lighter, airy, and more open decors. Gray wood floors also have a chameleon-like quality.

When paired with a vibrantly contrasting hue such as red or black, they can make a bold statement. Alternatively, it can also be calm, serene, and subdued.

Gray wood flooring can also have an aged look, a trend. However, designers have also found ways to create new gray tones, such as greige, both beige and gray.

White-washed wood surfaces

White-washed wood floors work well in the rustic farmhouse and coastal looks. They have a relaxed, casual vibe with a slightly weathered look.

The floors look unfinished because you can see all the raised grains, knots, and swirls. However, the solid hardwood flooring is sanded and stained with a white sealant.

Other popular colors include:

  1. Blond, caramel, honey/copper. Designers love the light colors because they coordinate well with other furnishings.
  2. Extremely dark colors, such as mahogany and ebony. Dark colors will never go out of style; they are sophisticated and stylish. Currently, the trend is to go darkest-dark. That can easily be accomplished with stains.
  3. High variation: Each plank has different color variations and multiple shades. Don?t hesitate to come into our hardwood flooring company if you have questions about this or any colors.

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